We offer a variety of tools to help you  study for BCBA® exam.   We have a 6 hour webinar recording, a foundational game course, plus mock exams.   We also have a blog with our free zooms posted.  All our products you can access immediately.  


Crush Course Rewind

Study Anytime
$ 89
  • 6 hours of recorded webinars
  • Everything is taught by Dr. Jaime
  • Access to Mock 1
  • Listen anytime

Crush Rewind & Study PPTs

Get Ready to Crush in May
$ 120
  • 6 Hours of recorded webinars
  • Everything is taught by Dr. Jaime
  • Access to Mock 1
  • PPTs used in webinars included

Mock Exams

Mock Exam 1

150 Questions

Mock Exam 2

150 Questions

Mock Exam 3

150 Questions


All 3 Exams

Other Products

Free Webinars Video and Activities

In our facebook group we hold free zoom sessions.  These are the recorded videos (plus a bonus activitiy).  Please create an account to view. 

Differential Reinforcement

30 minute webinar on differential reinforcement and a flashcard activity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

My name is Dr. Jaime Flowers, I have a PhD in School Psychology and a BCBA.  I have a bunch of other letters that come after my name that have nothing to do with ABA.  I passed theBCBA® on my first try in 2012.  I am currently an Assistant Professor in School Psychology at Stephen F. Austin State University. 

I started teaching the BCBA course sequence at National University and Kaplan University 8 years ago. At that time there was no material to study from so I started making my students mock exams and quizzes. These have been sitting on my computer for the past few years and I thought why not use them to help others. 

The questions are material I created. Please do not replicate the material without my permission. Feel free to use it to study. 

What are your mock exams and products cheaper than other sites?

Another great question!  I was in your shoes.  I clearly remember not being able to afford study materials for the BCBA® exam.  I wanted to make everything on this site as affordable as possible.  If you are struggling and can’t afford something on this site shoot me a email and I will try to help.  

I also am a one person show at this point.  I have very little over head which allows me to provide you with affordable pricing.  

What is the Crush Course?

The course is 6 hours of recorded webinar on the Task List A-k.  We also offer the PPT used in the webinar for separate purchase. 

What is the Foundational Knowledge Course?

A fun class of games (matching, drag and drop, flash card activities) on the foundational knowledge section of the task list.  


To Contact me please email